Medical information

Universal Medica is a leader in Medical Information and is recognized for the Quality of its services and the professionalism of its teams.

Following the analysis of your organization, we can provide policy recommendations for an optimization of your business and we have the skill set required for a complete and tailored operational support.

We also support a large number of laboratories throughout crisis management with Medical Information by means of dedicated framework contracts which guarantee our responsiveness, flexibility and the quality of our services.

Medical information requests management with Medica Source: top used CRM for medical information since 2003.

  • Level 1: Medical Information requests management (telephone, email, mail, fax)
  • Level 2: Medical Information requests management

Our services for Medical Information use various types of scientific and medical literature on which we proceed to bibliographic research and synthesis.

  • • Creation and delivery of customized responses/ Q&A file management (creation and updates)
  • • Identification and management of Pharmacovigilance cases
  • Signs detection / risk analysis
  • Quality claims management

Level 1& 2 Medical Information

Responses to incoming calls

Management of written enquiries


Management of bibliographic resources

Article ordering on request

Partial or permanent outsourcing

Framework contracts for crisis management

Local or International

Multilingual Team

Framework contracts for crisis management

Medical Information and Pharmacovigilance 24/7