Medica Source®

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Medica Source: more than just a CRM

• Content management
• Collaborative tool
• Contacts database management
• Analytical tool
• Operational tool

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Universal Medica, European Leader in medical
and scientific information and communication.

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Medica Source® is a medical information tool that can be used as a SAAS (software at the service, deployed in your structures through a secure internet website) or in the context of an outsourced management of your medical information activity provided by Universal Medica.

Outsourcing: Global and customer specific solutions via the Medica Source® tool for the medical information management at local, regional or corporate levels. In the context of an outsourced management of our activities, we offer a 24 hours a day coverage and a multilingual service for the management of level 1 and level 2 medical information.

SaaS Solution (Software at the Service): Our development capacities guarantee a full customization of the tool for a deployment in your structures.


“A distinctive expertise: a software designed, thought out and improved by healthcare professionals”

Not only are we a software developper, but we also offer a valuable expertise. We have designed and optimized Medica Source® since 2003 in light of 300 000 Medical Information enquiries, serving today 40 customers.

Universal Medica, European Leader in medical and scientific information and communication – 15 years of business expertise

The key assets of Medica Source®

Simplicity & ergonomy

Response time

The simplicity and speed of Medica Source® allows your teams to process telephone enquiries in real time.

Features well thought out by the operational teams

Integration of the knowledge base

in the form of standard question-answers and management of the associated attachments


Management and traceability of all medical information inquiries

For everyone everywhere

Multilingual SaaS Solution: international coverage with multilingual interfaces for each subsidiary.
• SaaS solutioncompatible with all web browsers

Integration of your CRM databases

• Healthcare professionals
• Product, etc.


• Real time monitoring of call flows
• The dashboard is entirely customizable according to the chosen indicators: metrics activity reports…
Call statistics
• Breakdown of the enquiries per category and/or per caller function
• Most frequently asked questions

Listing of the enquiries
• Subject of the medical information call
• Product
• Follow up
• Identification of pharmacovigilance cases
• Quality claims

Technical Aspects


Medica Source® SAAS solution

Medica Source® Core Customization
Medica Source® License Dedicated Project Manager
(medical information specialist)
Hosting Web & software developers
Maintenance IT Project Manager