Webinar: Online reputation and crisis management on social media

Webinar: Online reputation and crisis management on social media

What is an online reputation?

An online reputation is the image a company, brand, service, organization or individual projects through their behavior and the content they communicate.

All of these informations are transmitted through social media, online platforms, and other content published online.

If positive, this information will help maintain a good reputation as well as a competitive advantage.

If negative, it will create a “Bad Buzz”, a negative “word-of-mouth” phenomenon that is impossible to avoid. This phenomenon can however be anticipated, notably through the implementation of a crisis management strategy.

What is crisis management?

The goal of a crisis management is to react as rapidly and as efficiently as possible in response to a sudden crisis situation.

Planning and preparation are required in order to anticipate any future crises, including:

– Listing of all of the resources and the processes made available for the crisis: teams in charge, KPIs, set thresholds for crisis alerts, validation process and deliverable timetables.

– Monitoring social and online media: online mentions, blog identification, forums and influencers generating online discussions, online alert creation for certain topics etc.

– Analyzing and evaluating the risks: qualitative assessment of articles and posts, share of voice tracking for influencers and KOLs, KPI analysis.

– Creating a content strategy.

A crisis unit will then be set up, followed by the writing of a “post-crisis” report.

How to maintain your online reputation and manage a social media crisis?

IntelledataIn this day and age, scandals related to side effects have become more and more publicized via social media. Universal Medica group has therefore set up a strategy to anticipate and manage this type of crisis.

Pre-crisis: monitoring and online reputation

This is made possible by our social listening tool that monitors and analyses social media: Intelledata®

Our strategy for crisis management:

– Tracking and analysis of the crisis and its peaks
– Content strategy
– Crisis unit (medical information and disease community management)

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