Webinar : train, certify and assess your medical visitors’ regulatory skills

Webinar : train, certify and assess your medical visitors’ regulatory skills

What is the certification of information activities for promotional purposes?

The new Charter on Information provided for the Promotion of Medicines of 2014 replaces the medical visit charter of 2004.

It requires collaborators responsible for the promotion of medicines to be trained with 7 regulatory modules that guarantee proficiency in quality information practices through prospecting and canvassing. These modules will focus on:

– The medicines: classes of medicines, prescribing and dispensing rules, and proper use of the medicine;

– Reimbursement conditions;

– Pharmacovigilance et product quality complaints;

– Code of conduct : DMOS law and transparency regarding collaborations;

– Advertising;

– Charter and its application according to HAS certification guidelines;

– Organization of the healthcare system;

How to train your medical visitors?

EUROPHARMA developed an interactive and game-based e-learning platform, F.I.D.P, for the training of persons engaged in information activity through prospecting and canvassing (Formation des Informateurs par Démarcharge et Prospection).

This platform, approved by the Comité Professionnel National de la Visite Médicale (CPNVM) includes:

– 7 modules designed and written by experts in regulatory topics

– E-learning (Ipad and/or computer) integrating pedagogical and interactive activities as well mock questionnaires

– Certification by knowledge assessment

– Individual and group training courses

Platform advantages:

– An answer tailored to the certification guidelines

– Traceability of the trainee’s progress with a pre-filled report based on the AGVM template

– Modularity and flexibility for each training step


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