Universal Medica : a global provider for Health Management Services

Launched in 2000, Universal Medica is a contracts & operational health management services organization. Thanks to the quality of our processes and our experience, we became an international partner for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Focused on customer satisfaction, we offer a full range of services including pharmacovigilance, medical information, crisis management, Medical Science Liaison, post-marketing studies and market access.

Concrete cases

Medical Information

• Outsourcing : Complete and customised solutions for medical information at the local, regional and corporate level using our CRM Medica Source®. 24/7 opening hours and multilingual services.
• Solution SaaS (Software at the Service): Medica Source®, the best CRM for medical information, flexible to your needs and requirements.

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Epidemiology and post-marketing studies

Expertise in the conduct of post-marketing studies: environmental, medico-economic and observational studies
• Digital and global approach
• Strategic advice
• Protocols redaction
• Partial or total management of operational tasks


Detection, notification, full management of adverse events at a global level. Effective tracking and monitoring tools developed by our teams.
• Literature search on scientific reviews/articles and electronic databases
• Redaction of expertise reports
• Audits

Medical Science Liaison (MSL)

Medical Science Liaison is the ideal back-up of Medical Departments. Our MSLs are scientist experts (physicians, pharmacists, Ph.D) capable to ensure a high level scientific communication. Our aim: building trust by bringing a medical and scientific support to physicians and KOL. We do this by providing to our teams and our clients digital and interactive tools (Medical On Demand, Medi-Call-Contact). Efficient and adapted in terms of traceability, reporting and communication, these tools are in full adequacy with this activity.

Crisis Management

Real life monitoring, minimization measures, impact studies
Professionalism • Flexibility• Customer care

Market Access

In a more and more challenging and constraining context, market access has became a real stake for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our strong consultancy teams can answer all of your needs and guide you through all along the lifecycle of your product in France, Europe or at a global level. Experienced in various therapeutic areas, we provide:
• Strategic advice
• Transparency folders
• Elaboration of post-authorization studies
Temporary Use • Strategy • International

Our Assets


Respect for deadlines and regulatory compliance


Ad-hoc and personalized effective tools


International and highly qualify scientific team

Customer focus

Flexible services adapted to the customer needs