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Ask the Expert! A quick chat with Merih DURAMAZ, International Project Manager

Tell us about yourself and your job role at Universal Medica?

I am a woman with multiple identities:

  • first and foremost a mother of two toddlers, a life companion, a sister, a daughter, a third culture kid,
  • a pharmacist, a manager of my team, an international project manager in medical information and vigilances and a European Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance.

And I like to consider myself as a hard worker, a communicator, a partner in crime, a mediator, a teacher, a learner, an advocate, a voice, a safe harbour, a doer.

But some people might also say that I am a procrastinator, over empathetic and shy. ūüėä

What’s the best thing about your job?

I am fascinated by cultural diversity and being an international project manager enables me to work with clients and teams from diverse horizons with different expectations and mindset on top of the diversity of the subjects we handle at Universal Medica and the region/country specific regulations. It keeps the brain alive…

How long have you worked in this industry and how has the industry changed since you started?

I joined Universal Medica in 2011 at which time the company was working on expanding their global footprint adapting to clients‚Äô expectations.¬†Over the past 10 years, the pharmacovigilance activities have constantly evolved and become more complex and regulated. In order to keep pace with the ever-changing pharmacovigilance landscape and regulatory compliance,¬†Universal Medica Group is constantly investing in innovative tools and strategies to provide unique tailor-made solutions to clients’¬†needs¬†at all stages.

As a result, Universal Medica Group is not only a comprehensive partner to the pharmaceutical industry with its broad range of activities and expertise, but also a group of smart, active and hard-working people who are committed to improving patient health and safety.

In your opinion what is the most important component of work life balance?

In the workplace, I believe that open communication is key. It leads us to be on the same page and move in the same direction toward the same goal. In addition, my tip would be to be realistic: take a moment in the morning to organize your day, perform high-concentration tasks when your mind is fresh and do a self-analysis at the end of the day to understand what worked and what can be improved.

To be a parent is not an easy task especially in this era where we are constantly connected and able to work wherever we are. This is why it is especially important to have a work life balance. Also, like in the professional environment, proper communication is key with children. I try to explain to them every occasion I get the meaning of work, why we work, how work gives meaning to our life and the commitment I make as a pharmacist to better patient health and safety. My children know that when I am with them, they have my full attention. They also know that when I am off to work, it is time for them to enjoy the moment whether it is at school, with friends or with grandparents.

Tell us about a recent nice encounter you had with a client?

Recently, we have been approached by a client for which we perform medical information and pharmacovigilance activities including EUQPPV responsibility to help them in their vision to commercialize their medicines in other EU countries. It is great to see the trust placed in us.

What value does a client gain by working with Universal Medica?

As our client satisfaction survey’s results, at Universal Medica, we listen our clients and customize solutions to enable safe use of medicines. Our force is that we focus on quality, adaptability, and a global package offer.