Universal Medica Group (UMG) has taken yet another step forward in its development by acquiring the company EUROPHARMA, an expert in medical training and a pioneer in E-learning within the pharmaceutical industry. This brand new acquisition fits perfectly into the EU’s ‘Horizon 2020’ strategic framework – to boost the added value of innovative services, those which respond to the ever changing needs of the health sector and pharmaceutical laboratories, and to ultimately promote the safe, effective and appropriate use of medicinal products.

Founded in 1990, EUROPHARMA has quickly become a leading consulting firm within the healthcare sector, with the creation of curriculum, educational material as well as the management of medical training content. These skills perfectly complement Universal Medica Group’s own diverse and innovative activities. With a constant dedication to the acquisition of knowledge, EUROPHARMA today boasts a renowned expertise in the implementation of unique training programs and the conception of personalized ad-hoc tools. Their success relies upon an experienced and dynamic team with complementary expertise in the four fields of strategic consulting, pedagogy, science and health, but also graphic design and technology. The latter is required for the conception and implementation of E-learning and web products. Thus, EUROPHARMA can effectively respond to the constantly evolving needs and requirements of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

From April 17th onwards, the newly acquired company EUROPHARMA for Life Science will become the fourth branch of Universal Medica Group. EUROPHARMA will be joining:
Universal Medica, leaders in Medical Affairs: Medical Information, Management of vigilance, Quality Assurance as well as Post-Marketing Studies.
Universal Biotech, specialists in the management of Innovation and Scouting of new Technologies, in the implementation of training seminars on scouting and the management of public-private partnerships within R&D, in the Business Development of pharmaceutical companies, as well as organizers of the renowned international congress Innovation Days and its associated Innovation Prize.
Cherry for Life Science, a communication agency which facilitates the digital transformation of the health sector by creating quality medical content and transmitting these through various digital channels, for both patients and healthcare professionals.

I am thrilled and proud that this agreement has come to fruition. Within Universal Medica group, EUROPHARMA will now have the resources to pursue its greater ambitions whilst preserving its dedication to innovation and this, due to the group’s exceptional medical and technological competences, states Nathalie César, founder of EUROPHARMA.

Rafi Mardachti, CEO of UMG, further states that The complementarity of the services and the extent of the skills provide the new Universal Medica Group with yet more expertise, allowing the group to further diversify and energize their innovative potential within the health sector.

With this recent acquisition, UMG further displays its impassioned drive to further grow and lead internationally, whilst constantly developing new innovative services dedicated to patients and healthcare professionals.

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