Universal Medica Group acquires Zebra Santé

UNIVERSAL MEDICA Group has taken a new step in its development with the acquisition of ZEBRA Santé, an expert in pharmacist communication. This acquisition is part of the group’s «Horizon 2025» strategic plan and meets the needs of the transforming healthcare sector. Through this acquisition, UNIVERSAL MEDICA Group offers a real synergy of activities to […]

Universal Medica Gender Equality index for the year 2021

In compliance with the provisions of Avenir law (5 September 2018) on freedom of choice in professional career places, Universal Medica publishes its gender equality index for the year 2021. This law aims to eliminate the pay gap between women and men in France. In 2021, Universal Medica’s gender equality score increased to 95 from […]

A 88/100 Gender Equality Index at Universal Medica For 2020

At Universal Medica, we are committed to gender equality at workplace. We have implemented robust actions to ensure true equality between men and women and absence of any discrimination within a company. The gender equality index is calculated within framework of the 5 September 2018 law on freedom of choice in professional careers places. The […]

Universal Medica Group supports the Movember movement for Men’s Health

The month of November is dedicated to moustaches and men’s health with the Movember movement. All Universal Medica Group employees have mobilised to support this event, which raises funds for research into men’s health issues. In France, prostate cancer is the most common, affecting more than 50,000 men a year and causing around 8,000 deaths. […]

BBac’s acquisition by UNIVERSAL MEDICA GROUP

Universal Medica Group (UMG) has reached a new stage in its development with the acquisition of BBac, a company specializing in pharmacovigilance and safety in the healthcare industry. This acquisition is part of the “Horizon 2020” strategic plan, which responds to the industry transformations and to needs of healthcare industry evolutions to promote the healthcare […]

Interview – Medical Information project manager

Attracted by the Healthcare sector for a long time, after graduating with my doctorate in microbiology, I decided to enter the pharmaceutical industry and in particular to commit into concrete activities in connection with healthcare professionals and patients. This is how I joined Universal Medica as an attached scientist. In two years, I had a […]