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Universal Medica Gender Equality index for the year 2021

In compliance with the provisions of Avenir law (5 September 2018) on freedom of choice in professional career places, Universal Medica publishes its gender equality index for the year 2021. This law aims to eliminate the pay gap between women and men in France.

In 2021, Universal Medica’s gender equality score increased to 95 from last year’s score of 88, well above the legally mandated threshold. This progress demonstrates Universal Medica’s commitment towards Gender equality in the workplace.

The gender equality score is calculated on the basis of 5 key indicators, with a potential total score of 100 as shown below.

  • Gender pay gap
  • Gaps in promotion rates
  • Gaps in pay rise
  • Maternity leave pay increase
  • Parity in top pay grades


Universal Medica has always been committed to gender equality in the workplace to ensure true equality between women and men. We strive to ensure that there is no discrimination in our company and are committed to improving this score for years to come.