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Universal Medica Group supports the Movember movement for Men’s Health

The month of November is dedicated to moustaches and men’s health with the Movember movement. All Universal Medica Group employees have mobilised to support this event, which raises funds for research into men’s health issues.

In France, prostate cancer is the most common, affecting more than 50,000 men a year and causing around 8,000 deaths. As for testicular cancer, which affects 1,500 men a year, it has a cure rate of over 90%. From puberty onwards, regular self-examination of the testicles is recommended in order to identify a lump, an asymmetry between the two testicles or a harder part.
It is important to remember that in the world, one man commits suicide every minute, which is why Movember movement also supports projects aimed at helping men and boys to maintain balanced mental health.

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There is no systematic screening for prostate cancer, so when in doubt, don’t take any risks and talk to your doctor!

Together let’s fight for men’s health.

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