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BBac’s acquisition by UNIVERSAL MEDICA GROUP

Universal Medica Group (UMG) has reached a new stage in its development with the acquisition of BBac, a company specializing in pharmacovigilance and safety in the healthcare industry. This acquisition is part of the “Horizon 2020” strategic plan, which responds to the industry transformations and to needs of healthcare industry evolutions to promote the healthcare […]

Interview – Medical Information project manager

Attracted by the Healthcare sector for a long time, after graduating with my doctorate in microbiology, I decided to enter the pharmaceutical industry and in particular to commit into concrete activities in connection with healthcare professionals and patients. This is how I joined Universal Medica as an attached scientist. In two years, I had a […]


Universal Medica Group (UMG) has taken yet another step forward in its development by acquiring the company EUROPHARMA, an expert in medical training and a pioneer in E-learning within the pharmaceutical industry. This brand new acquisition fits perfectly into the EU’s ‘Horizon 2020’ strategic framework – to boost the added value of innovative services, those […]

Read the interview with Rafi Mardachti, Chairman of Universal Medica Group, in l’Expansion

Rafi Mardachti, Chairman of Universal Medica Group and Universal Biotech was contacted by the magazine l’Expansion for its special report on “Research and Biotechnology”. A company at the heart of the changes in the life sciences field, Universal Biotech organises the Innovation Prize every year. The magazine’s journalist and Rafi Mardachti talked about the selection […]