Strengths and limitations of remote pharmacovigilance audit

The emergence of COVID-19 and the economic consequences and travel restrictions that this pandemic has caused have led pharmaceutical companies to review their audit methods. Remote pharmacovigilance auditing has been implemented exponentially, but what are its Strengths and limitations? Strengths: Maintain audit planning (internal, contractors) in any circumstances (pandemic or other crisis situations…), more flexibility […]

Biomedical research reform: the Jardé law

The Jardé law, voted in March 2012, aims at giving a legal and statutory framework to clinical trials which involve people. Universal Medica summarizes for you the main points of the decree number 2017-884 of May 9th, 2017 which modifies certain arrangements. Creation of 3 new categories With the Jardé law, the “Biomedical Research (called […]

What is medical information?

The primary role of medical information is to provide an answer to inquiries made by healthcare professionals and patients. The nature of their questions can be: Medical: Therapeutic Indications, Contraindications, Posology, Interactions with other medicinal products Pharmaceutical: dosage form, pharmacology, storage conditions … Crisis management-related: batch recall, stock shortage, etc. Find out more about the […]